There may be room there for such a Holy Experiment, for the nations want a precedent and my God will make it the Seed of a Nation, that an example may be set up to the nations, that we may do the thing that is truly wise and just.
— William Penn


It Started With a Seed

In this third revision of The Seed of a Nation, Darrell and Lorrie capture the essence of the seed William Penn believed could change the trajectory of civilization.  

It was his example of love, respect, and inclusion that summed up his Holy Experiment.  

An experiment that was, and still is, contingent on the variables human beings bring to the equation.  



Mr. & Mrs. Fields

Lorrie and Darrell Fields are the founders of The Seed of a Nation, Inc.

The Fields have a passion to tell the story of William Penn and the relationship he had with Native Americans. It carried the DNA of the seed he hoped would grow. 



Who Was Penn?

WILLIAM PENN was a 17th century English social reformer and America’s first champion of liberty. His governing principles departed from those of historical and contemporary empires. Had the world been ready to build on his example of love and respect, many of the abuses of modern society could have been checked. Most people know he was the Quaker founder of Pennsylvania. What they may not know is:      

  • He spent his life exposing and fighting Weinstein-type bullies in both church and state. 
  • His was the only colonial power in history to ever cohabitate with Native Americans without the use of force, forts, or garrisons.   
  • He established habeas corpus for all future generations.  
  • Native Americans called Penn  “the white truth teller.”  
  • He championed separation of church and state, saying, “We must give the liberties we ask.” 
  • The Liberty Bell was commissioned to honor Penn’s Charter of Privileges, Pennsylvania’s Constitution.   
  • Thomas Jefferson hailed Penn as, “the greatest lawgiver the world has produced.”  





The Seed of a Nation sadly announces the passing of

Darrell Ray Fields

June 28, 1960 - April 23, 2019

Darrell’s life and legacy will long be felt as we continue to advance the message he carried in his heart which has inspired so many. We will be adding memorials to the blog soon.

Please consider joining at the Seed of a Nation as we pursue telling stories and touching lives with a message of love.

Darrell in the Rocky Mountains 2018

Darrell in the Rocky Mountains 2018

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