Darrell & Lorrie Fields


Darrell and Lorrie Fields are historians who have spent 25 years researching Penn and his work, especially as it relates to Native Americans, as is depicted in their published book, The Seed of a Nation. They are the ones who coined William Penn as “America’s First, Founding Father” but not because of his liberal ideals or even his import into the U.S. Constitution, but because Penn successfully translated his respect for humanity into a social reality. 

Darrell Fields is a registered citizen of the Cherokee Nation and the director for the non-profit, The Seed of a Nation. He has single-handedly authored legislation for the state of Pennsylvania recognizing Penn as a Founding Father. Lorrie Fields is also a director, writer, historian, public speaker and producer. She has spent the last three years learning story structure in order to use her history degree to put the Penn story into context so that an audience can viscerally understand William Penn’s values.    

Look to 2018 for the release of new material:

Including a leadership guide that uses Penn’s five universal principles of respect that a family, an organization, or nation can apply to maintain relationships and allow its members to thrive without defaulting to self-interest, which invariably occurs when these principles are neglected.   

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