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William Penn and Colin Kaepernick, Brothers.

Today I was reading about persecution in the 17th century, making notes for an upcoming book.  In the middle of it all I had an epiphany:  William Penn and Colin Kaepernick have a lot in common.  Both were/are accused of being unpatriotic.  Penn and his friends were “traitors,” endangering the country for refusing to take Oaths of Allegiance to England.  Kaepernick and his friends are accused of “disrespecting the flag” by taking a knee during the national anthem.  And for what?  For actually having faith in their respective countries?  Believing their governments could do better and had, in fact, promised better?  

For the above reasons, these two men necessarily define patriotism and love of country.

Furthermore, neither took up weapons or provoked unrest.  But their accusers did, called for censure and much more — classifying them as “other-than” and setting them up for an onslaught of suspicion and hate — the very injustices they were protesting against.   People may argue specifics or avenues regarding these two men, but no one can argue their love of country.  Their actions, and history itself, are the proof.   

So yeah, this is definitely going into my chapter with all the history to prove it’s men and women, just like Penn and Kaepernick, who can remind us of our better selves and words.

Wasn’t that the point?

But let your 'Yes' be 'Yes' and your 'No' be 'No.' Whatever is more than these is of the evil one - Matt 5:37.,

The Seed of a Nation Gala Recap and Testimonies

What a night!  The Seed of a Nation Gala was a success on multiple levels.  Besides raising a nice bit of funds for upcoming projects, it was just plain fun! Inspirational too!  We also made clear the one-thing our non-profit exists to promote:  Love.

The fact that attending guests represented a diverse crowd demonstrated how the “seed” reaches beyond imposed and unnecessary boundaries.  Folks were there from Washington State, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, Ireland, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and South Africa.   Many colors, ages, and different political persuasions too.   Exactly, they represented the beauty of the “seed,” for it reaches beyond imposed and unnecessary boundaries.

As for the message that night, Darrell powerfully narrowed William Penn’s accomplishments to one un-legislate-able act, which allowed us to end our portion of the evening on the strategic power of love.  One guest from Africa said of this, “My country needs this example desperately.”   We all do!  America equally.  It is an enormous task to accept the responsibility of the “seed” – requiring us all to reimagine the world we know.   To make compassion an operating principle immediately shines light on the interest-driven gains that have been legitimized for centuries and dominate politics today.  No longer could one’s calling, position, wealth, military might, or claim of “providence,” legitimize the consolidation of power, the marginalization of people, extreme nationalism, and more.  It places a mirror up to society, making the effect of real love potentially disruptive and risky.  Of course, we spoke to this at the gala.  This topic will be spelled out more in the future and in one of our next books (and maybe in a public meeting or two). 

It was great to hear from entertainment attorney and executive producer, Vinca Jarrett, on the journey to bring Penn to life to screens around the world.  The Seed of a Nation, Inc. and The Seed of a Nation Production Co. has progressed steadily toward this goal.  It was great to share it with friends at the gala! 

Below are a few additional testimonies from that night.


“For me, this was the first time I heard the Penn story, I need to read the book.  I was touched by Lorrie’s LOVE message.”  Lancaster PA guest

“Thanks for a life impacting event.” – Southern PA guest

“You changed my mind about fundraisers.” – Harrisburg PA guest

“I felt a gentle rebuke for my ‘opinions’ about people.” – Philly guest

“The Fields are leading a way forward.” – Northern PA guest

“Wow, wow… wow.”  -  Mount Joy, PA guest

“I need to get this book into my nation.” – Ethiopian guest. 

 “We love you. Thanks for your tenacity.” - Florida guest